Dvd is based on Rajiv’s memory Techniques. You will learn to use right hemisphere of brain, subconscious mind, mnemonic, auditory memory, brain waves, revision techniques, meditation, more concentration, special exam strategy and motivation techniques etc to excel in studies…
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  • Based on techiniques of an HAS officer and Limca Book of Records Holder.
  • Learn advanced techniques to use left & right hemisphere of brain equally.
  • Learn to use power of subconcious mind.
  • Learn memory, study amd exam techniques.
  • Become topper by using our techniques.
  • You will improve your performance irrespective of your age, academic class and present level.
  • Easist way to improve concentration, I.Q., E.Q., reading spead, creativity, memory, relaxation.
  • Advanced subconcious technique to solve objective type question correctly.
  • Learn advanced exam techniques- solving essay type papers, conditioning technique to relax, making notes,
    using extra books, special type of food, special aerobic exercises, vitamin B-complex, meditation,
    breaks while study, group vrs individual study,removing stress etc.
  • Learn once without revising again but never forget.
  • Special strategy before exam- 1.) one day before exam, one week before exam, two months before exam.
  • Motivational technaiques.
  • How to tackle life beyond education.

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