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Memory Techniques


Author of the book, Rajiv Kumar is a Himachal administrative Services officer (2003 batch). He is Limca Book of records holder in memory 1996 edition. What you will learn in this book

  • Improve concentration
  • Boost your IQ.
  • Learn mnemonic techniques.
  • Use auditory memory.
  • Advanced revision technique.
  • Meditation
  • Physical exercises
  • Make effective notes
  • Good food habits
  • Exam strategy
  • Cure insomnia
  • Special examination strategy
  • Motivate yourself
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Product Description

Anyone can benefit from this book, provided its techniques are applied effectively in routine studies. You will learn many techniques to improve your efficiency in any field. For example if you improve your concentration you will be able to perform any work properly. After reading the contents of the course you will come to know that whether the course is relevant or not to you.

Learning new memory techniques or study techniques is like updating to new habit or situation. It takes time to adapt to the changed situation. Now onwards you are going to apply new methods or techniques of studying. You may easily adapt yourself to many of the techniques but with some of them may find difficulty. It’s O.K. you have to keep applying the techniques; gradually you will adapt to the changed techniques and will feel normal with them passage of time.

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