Targeting the different hemispheres of the brain for specific learning is one of the key innovations we have used in our DVDs. As guided by Rajiv Kumar, the techniques helps you elevate your memory in a much interesting way. IndiaBrainPower has taken some initial steps in this field of scientifically driven memory development techniques and we have still a long way to go. has a good deal of research and we have made our best efforts in providing the content at affordable prices to everyone. There are students who are slow learners while there are students who grasp new things very quickly. Our content helps both kinds of students to excel at studies. The ease of learning helps the slow learners to build up their memory in a less time consuming way. The more sharp students are able to further develop their understanding on various subjects and retain learnt things for longer durations which, is critical for school/college exams and other competitive exams.

This also reduces the burden on parents. They can provide their children with quality material at prices that don’t burn a hole in their pockets. Today, education is an inevitable resource and while a large portion of India still remains uneducated, it is necessary that the ones, who are opportune enough to access it, must grab it with both hands. This is how IndiaBrainPower, by its constant efforts, is doing, to transform the good into better and the better into best.