India is one of the most populated countries of the world. A large percentage of India consists of the youth population who primarily are students. We can get a fair idea of the level of competition for employment in a country where the number of applicants outnumbers the available jobs by millions. This creates a surmounting pressure on the students, right from their school level when it comes to excelling at exams. The hard fact is that many of the students fail to take such a pressure. Then they are victimized by the society for their failure. The pressure turns into depression, anxiety and ultimately suicide.

Students committing suicides due to academic failure is a horrifying reality for the country and something must be done to stop such a thing. It is difficult to digest that students who work hard day and night are unable to make it through in their exams. These students don’t have any kind of disability but the problem is that they are not being able to utilize their mind’s ability to its full capacity. In fairy tales, we all have heard about magic wands that could give us magic powers to do anything that we wanted. But in reality, there are no such magic wands, but that doesn’t mean we shall remain incapable because  has something to share with you.

With the guidance of our guide, Mr. Rajiv Kumar, a renowned memory champion and a prestigious civil servant (Himachal Administrative Services), we has taken up the mission to guide hardworking students who are not being able to achieve their academic goals. We are offering study related techniques which make him a record holder in memory (equivalent to the standards of Guinness). He are ready to help students who are facing troubles due to poor planning, improper guidance, unbeneficial study techniques etc. All the students from 1st standard to PhD level can contact us  for support at the given addresses:

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Please share the same for the ones who you think are in need.