“Whatever the mind can conceive, and believe, the mind can achieve”- Napolean Hill

In the quote given by the famous American personnel-success author – Napolean Hill, it is clearly shown that potential of the mind is limitless. All we need to do is explore it and find ways to utilize it. IndiaBrainPower.com has devised some techniques which involve tapping at the potential of the subconscious mind, which can prove to be highly beneficial for anyone who is interested in trying them out. Here are some brief examples of these techniques:

Neuro Linguistic Programming

This technique taps at the subconscious mind by giving it certain commands. The mind is hence trained slowly to follow these directions subconsciously. It has some promising benefits like helping you focus on your life goals and helping you get rid of stubborn habits.

Commanding Technique

We use certain phrases or sentences that we speak to ourselves in our minds . These sentences are trapped by the subconscious mind and unknowingly, we start adhering to them. These are used in hypnotic states or just before sound sleeping.

Many direct and indirect techniques such as focusing on geometrical patterns and listening to improvised music which helps give us a focused state of mind are also given in the DVDs. These techniques can be applied while exams and studies as well. We can’t spoil the whole fun here as it is! But we sure can offer you another convenient option; IndiaBrainPower’s mobile app. This app contains some of our best techniques and is available free on android, iOS and Windows platforms. Download now!