About Us

IndiaBrainPower.com is a micro industry working in the field of education and memory development, studies and mnemonic techniques which can help students learn difficult things faster. The techniques used by indiabrainpower.com are based on the use of left and right hemispheres of the brain, subconscious mind, creativity and imagination, all work together.

These days we see almost everybody joining a leading coaching institution. What we fail to comprehend is that a coaching centre alone is not enough if you seek success in your career and even life for that matter. You need unique and advanced techniques to beat competition and secure a higher rank no matter what discipline you are in.
Our mnemonics based videos are based on the techniques taught to us by Rajiv Kumar,HPAS & Limca Book of record holder. Since 2002 we have been working on converting his ideas/techniques into a form of DVDs. You can learn and understand all difficult facts, trivia and knowledge by just watching these videos.
The fees that leading or reputed coaching centers ask for these days are phenomenally high and thus every student can’t afford them. Especially students that stay in remote areas away from the cities find it really difficult to get proper education, let alone a decent coaching centre. Our aim is to provide guidance to all the students free of cost so that they can successfully crack every examination that they sit through.
If you watch our videos sincerely and apply the techniques being taught here, you need not join any coaching institute. You will have better results than your peers that boast of joining the most expensive classes in the city.
We upload Free memory, study & exam techniques and brain facts, etc. on the FaceBook page of IndiaBrainPower and twitter. Follow us to get daily insights and updates. Our videos are available on our Youtube Channel Youtube/IndiaBrainPower. So for what you are waiting !!! start learning right now. At present our videos are available on these topics :- 1. India at Glance 2. World at Glace 3. Memory Study & Exam Techniques 4. Census of India 2011 5. Improving English Pronunciation. 
Now we would like to introduce our mentor and guide to you Presently Rajiv Kumar is working as a Himachal Administrative Services Officer (HAS-2003) in HP.
He has worked in different capacities in Himachal Pradesh and Chandigarh viz- SDM Keylang; SDM Tissa; Assistant Commissioner to Deputy Commissioner, Mandi; SDM Rampur; Assistant Commissioner, Parwanoo (P); and Sr. Administrative Officer, PGIMER, Chandigarh.
Originally hailing from an ordinary, middle class family, Rajiv is nothing short of extraordinary himself. He did his higher education through correspondence and it is all because of his hard work and advanced memory that studies and exams became something that he got through with ample success. He was able to enter his name in the Limca Book of Records in the year 1996 for his extra ordinarily sharp and vast memory. He even authored a book in the same year on memory improvement techniques, called Rajiv’s Memory Developing Techniques which was recommended to all school, colleges, universities and libraries in Himachal Pradesh by the Ministry of Education, Government of Himachal.
Today he is the author of the following books available on Amazon (Kindle):-

  1. Memory, Study and Exam Techniques
  2. IAS Psychology Mains Solved Papers (Last Ten Years- Paper I only)
  3. Learn Essay Writing Tips
  4. Non Verbal Reasoning (1000 Quiz Solved)

We have a question: Despite so many odds in his life, if he can get success in exams with his advanced techniques then why can’t you?